TASm2m-IoTised HMI

Flexible SCADA built on End-to-End IoT Integration Platform

TASm2m-IoTised HMI  is the first flexible SCADA built onto End-To-End IoT integration platform TASm2m, which enables quick solution for implementing digital platform in a phased manner to any manufacturing industry.


The major functionalities, for digitization of complete enterprise supported by TASm2m-IoTised HMI are:-

  • Device Connectivity
  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Storage
  • Data Processing
  • Visualization
  • Data analytics both Edge and Big data
  • Enterprise application integration


  • Real-time signal acquisition and data logging from any type of sensor and connected device.
  • Graphical presentation of historical data to perform analysis tasks on the operation of the devices connected to TASm2m IoTised HMI.
  • Predictive analysis solutions will give you a glimpse into the future and insight into your system’s weaknesses and solve problems before they become one.
  • Automatic alarm notification via e-mail,SMS,voice-mail even to multiple recipients, with history recording.
  • Web access to the system from any device with a browser (desktop, mobile, tablet).
  • configurable reporting to compare one or more measures, among all those available, on a chosen period with the possibility of a comparison between equipment and / or different periods.
  • Reports in most commonly used formats .docx, .xlsx, .pdf, etc.
  • FTP interface to external servers.
  • binary real time interfaces like TASm2m-Gateway/ TASm2m-IoT Edge Gateway.
  • online REST interfaces to external systems and applications.

TASm2m IoT SCADA System Overview