Integrated Remote Sustenance Monitoring

Sustainable manufacturing is the processing of resources into products with minimal negative environmental impact. Products are manufactured through processes that prevent GHG’s, conserve energy and natural resources, and that are non-hazardous to employees and consumers. It takes multi-faceted solutions to achieve sustainability goals.

TAS ‘s cloud-based m2m system provides an integrated solution for online remote monitoring and reporting of sustainability for large enterprises. The solutions support online remote monitoring of various parameters like  

  1. Electric Consumptions                                      5. Process Heat generations
  2. Fuel Consumptions                                            6. Renewable Energy generations
  3. Water Consumptions                                        7.  Various Emissions/Pollutants
  4. Captive Energy generations                            8. Production

at both production facilities as well as buildings. 


Remote View, Start small & Expand:

  • Remote view of sustenance data at plant, HQ & to regulatory/govt bodies like BEE, CPCB/SPCB. Access data anywhere & on any device.
  • Truly scalable. Start with existing meters/system or few new meters only. Expand by adding new meters in a phased manner.

Integrate Production & Pollution Data:

  • Integrate production data with utility consumptions to report specific consumptions (per product /per tonnage of production).

Rugged Data Collection & Virtual Meter Data Entry:

  • Rugged data collection device to accept input signals from various meters, instruments and PLC/DCS systems.
  • Use manual data entry or ready made algorithms for the parameters which do not have sensors/instruments.

Reports & Data Management:

  • All Reports with basic analytics provided in various formats as desired by regulatory bodies /govt. offices (e.g. BEE, CPCB etc.).
  • Advanced Data Management. Data Validation &Tampering detection. Import/Export data from/to ERP system.


  • Early warning alerts for alarms and events like parameters reaching thresholds limits.
Sustenance Architecture