Solar Energy

TASM2M-Solar Solution is designed for proactive monitoring of system performance and guarantees smooth plant operation. It offers an integrated system of controllers and sensors installed on panels monitor their performance and provide real-time insight to site management teams. TASM2M maximises the yield of the installation, reduces the costs associated with monitoring, management, and fault recovery.

TASM2M-Solar Solution is a complete remote monitoring solution for photo voltaic power generation systems. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) model allows users to remotely collect and analyse field data. Whether it’s a portfolio of residential roof-top PV installations or mega-watt solar power plants in isolated locations, this intuitive web interface allows users to easily monitor their power generation systems without physically visiting the site. Customisation, multi-level performance alerts can be configured for effective management of your PV assets.


Remote Monitoring:

  • Real-time remote monitoring of power generation and irradiation.
  • Monitoring multiple inverters, energy meters, and transformers sensors at a single site or a portfolio of many sites.
  • String-level monitoring for PV plants.
  • Monitoring of present and forecast on-site weather condition.
  • Monitoring and comparing performance ratio with energy production.  

 Alerts and Reporting:

  • Alerts are pushed through email and SMS in case of major failures and during non-optimal performance of the system.
  • Alerts are displayed on dashboard with separate alert module.
  • Daily Generation Reports (DGR) sends through email every end-of-the-day.
  • Current and Historical reports are generated.
  • Reporting analysis of plant's yearly, monthly, daily and hourly production with exporting facility is available.