Solutions of IIoT for Process Industry

Process manufacturers—companies that make food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, paints and chemicals, petrochemicals and other products involving complex processes, chemicals and formulas—face constant pressure to improve operational performance.

End products may vary, but all process manufacturers share a common set of business challenges  including the struggle with the need for greater flexibility to respond quickly to volatile market demands, and the need to be able to spot potential issues early so they can adjust processes for optimal performance.

IIoT enables connected operations, giving process manufacturers the ability to collect data from connected equipment, sensors and devices that can be combined with data and intelligence from business systems and people. Such comprehensive visibility allows for real-time process adjustments and optimization.

TAS has hundreds of Man Years of Experience in automation of complex process industry and is the first one to establish CoC of “IIoT for Process Industry”.

The CoC helps the process industry to connect only those things which need action to make an impact.