Integrated Environment Monitoring Solutions

Considering corporate social awareness towards the environment and also the rules and regulation put up by Pollution Control Boards, TAS is offering various solutions to the industry for environmental/pollution monitoring in-line with guidelines from Pollution Control Board(SPCB/CPCB). 

Cloud-based Integrated Environment Monitoring System 

TAS’s Cloud-based M2M System provides an Integrated Environment Monitoring pollution for monitoring three different areas of plant's pollution namely,

  • Effluents/Sewage Discharges
  • Stack Emissions and
  • Ambient Air surrounding the plant.

The system is built for connecting to existing or new, any make Instruments/Analyzers and also for online viewing and online reporting of Pollution data in desired formats to various offices of SPCBs and CPCB.

The solution is scalable for monitoring muti-plant sites from the central location.

Online ETP Analyzer System

End-to-end solutions for environment monitoring are offered with various sensors/ analyzers for online monitoring of effluent/sewage water. The solutions are optimized by selecting the sensors/ analyzers from world leaders in water analytics.

Online Water & Waste Water Analyzer Systems from Germany/France provide unique benefits like

  • No sampling line & pumping system.
  • Digital sensors with minimum cabling
  • Process Inline &  self-cleaning sensors
  • No need of cleaning reagents/chemicals
  • UV / UV Vis range

ZLD Solution

For the industries who are reusing the treated effluent water within their premises are considered as ZLD(Zero Liquid Discharge) Plant.

As per the SPCB/CPCB guidelines, TAS has developed ready to deploy Solution for ZLD Plants with following features.

  • Remote View of ETP Discharge Area through PTZ Night Vision Camera to SPCB/CPCB office
  • ETP flow discharge monitoring and online reporting to SPCB/CPCB office 
  • The solution can be extended for online monitoring of Stack Dust

ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook) for ETP Lab Data Management

Solution for ETP Lab Data Digitization to eliminate physical paper record keeping

  • All the manual/handwritten records are eliminated
  • Complete ETP Lab data is digital
  • Report Generation- Daily, Monthly and Yearly reports at fingertip, in clean & readable form
  • Reports in printable form for onward submission
  • Lab data available for analysis and for improving ETP/STP operations